Dominican Republic


Victims of intentional homicide
Daily reports of intrafamily violence
Rate of violent deaths of women per 100,000 women (2022)

Key Data (2023)

  • In 2023, records showed 150 fewer victims than in 2022.
  • On average, 103 victims were registered per month in 2023, that is 13 fewer victims per month compared to 2022.
  • The motives in 45% of homicides can be associated to social conflict and in 24% the motive had to do with crime.

Key data (2022)

  • 89.0% of victims were male, 11.0% were female.
  • 54% of intentional homicides were committed using a firearm, 32% with a sharp weapon, and 12% by other means, while the weapon is unknown in 2% of the cases.
  • Provinces where occurrence is highest: Santo Domingo (377 cases), Distrito Nacional (176 cases), Santiago (151 cases) and San Cristobal (92 cases).

Source: Data provided by CADSECI, the National Police and the Office of the Public Defender of the Republic.


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